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Agreed ist May, j
Amended 16/2
Amended ^3rd FebJ
Amended 31 st Dec

Ko. a.

Adopted by 41
Documentary Co

Baltic and


/4 BARTER, 1896

of                   tons net

ready to load about

as agents for the Charterers.
Voyage,   shall -with  all possible

be ordered by them on or before
ding what she ran reasonably stow

T,~11      4.1------------:*.t,-----------.-        ----M-1      It

of 3-ading (Ship lost or not lost),
rterers or Shippers -written notice
tt delivery of the Cargo, in suffi-
arranged between the Owners and

Captain's optiom. The Receivers
trterers* account at poart of loading
estimation (together "with a charge

of Two per cent, on the amount
"essel put into any Port or Ports

tip be not ready in loading dock: as
ade respecting the size, position or
on notice of readiness being given,
fat, Dead Freight, and Demurrage

tmoniLt of Freight.

to the


on the